History of Company

First Plasma Fractionation in Iran sets back to 1976 by Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO). In 1990, Ministry of Health and Medical Education decided to establish a blood fractionation company for supplying plasma products in Iran. Finally, in 1994, Iranian Blood research and fractionation center started to work as only Plasma fractionation and distributer of Plasma drive products. In 1999 the center transformed to a Company with 80000 plasma fractionation in year for manufacturing plasma drive products, Anti serums and blood group diagnostic Kits. Reconstruction to increase production capacity and updating Virus inactivation methods begun in 2003 and continues until today.

Privatization of center

The center decided to build a refinery with quantity of 150000 liters per year. But doing this under the special government regulations and with harsh economic sanctions was nearly impossible, so in 2014 upon the privatization agency and Ministry of Health and Medical Education, this important project privatized to expedite the opening.

Major activities of IBRF

  1. Collecting plasma from blood transfusion centers for manufacturing plasma drive products like: normal intravenous Immunoglobulin, Albumin 20%, Coagulation factor 8, Coagulation factor 9, and Anti-rabies immunoglobulin with cooperation of reputable international European companies.
  2. Manufacturing reagents and diagnostic kits including: blood grouping monoclonal antibodies, Bovine Serum Albumin 22%, Antihuman Globulin, rabbit complement, Hanks solution, Ficoll solution.
  3. Cooperation with scientific research centers and conduct practical research toward company goals
  4. Establishing private centers for collecting fresh plasma (source) from involuntary donators