Intravenous immunoglobulins

Intravenous immunoglobulins in liver transplant patients: Perspectives of clinical immune modulation Arno Kornberg Abstract Shortage of appropriate donor grafts is the foremost current problem in organ transplantation. As a logical consequence, waiting times have extended and pretransplant mortality rates were significantly increasing. The implementation of a priority-based liver allocation system using the model of end-stage […]

Passively Administered

Passively Administered Pooled Human Immunoglobulins Exert IL-10 Dependent Anti-Inflammatory Effects that Protect against Fatal HSV Encephalitis Chandran Ramakrishna,1 Alain N. S. Newo,1 Yueh-Wei Shen,1 and Edouard Cantin1,2,3,* Mark L. Buller, Editor Abstract HSV-1 is the leading cause of sporadic encephalitis in humans. HSV infection of susceptible 129S6 mice results in fatal encephalitis (HSE) caused by […]

IVIg Immune

IVIg Immune Reconstitution Treatment Alleviates the State of Persistent Immune Activation and Suppressed CD4 T Cell Counts in CVID Dominic Paquin-Proulx,#1 Bianca A. N. Santos,#2 Karina I. Carvalho,2 Myrthes Toledo-Barros,2 Ana Karolina Barreto de Oliveira,2 Cristina M. Kokron,2 Jorge Kalil,2 Markus Moll,1 Esper G. Kallas,2, and Johan K. Sandberg1,* Derya Unutmaz, Editor Abstract Common variable […]

Human Albumin

Human Albumin Prevents 6-Hydroxydopamine-Induced Loss of Tyrosine Hydroxylase in In Vitro and In Vivo Li-Juan Zhang,1,2 Yue-Qiang Xue,3 Chun Yang,1 Wei-Hua Yang,1 Long Chen,4 Qian-Jin Zhang,5 Ting-Yu Qu,6 Shile Huang,4 Li-Ru Zhao,7 Xiao-Min Wang,2,* and Wei-Ming Duan1, Abstract Human albumin has recently been demonstrated to protect brain neurons from injury in rat ischemic brain. However, there is no […]

Contact Activation of Blood Plasma and Factor XII

Contact Activation of Blood Plasma and Factor XII by Ion-exchange Resins Chyi-Huey Josh Yeh, Ziad O. Dimachkie, Avantika Golas, Alice Cheng, Purnendu Parhi and Erwin A. Vogler* A Contribution from the Hematology at Biomaterial Interfaces Research Group Abstract Sepharose ion-exchange particles bearing strong Lewis acid/base functional groups (sulfopropyl, carboxymethyl, quarternary ammonium, dimethyl aminoethyl, and iminodiacetic […]