Iranian Blood Research and Fractionation Co.

Major activities of IBRF

  • Collecting plasma from blood transfusion centers for manufacturing plasma drive products like: normal intravenous Immunoglobulin, Albumin 20%, Coagulation factor 8,Coagulation factor 9, and Anti-rabies immunoglobulin with cooperation of reputable international European companies.
  • Manufacturing reagents and diagnostic kits including: blood grouping monoclonal antibodies,Bovine Serum Albumin 22%, Antihuman Globulin, rabbit complement, Hanks solution, Ficoll solution.
  • Cooperation with scientific research centers and conduct practical research toward company goals
  • Establishing private centers for collecting fresh plasma (source) from involuntary donators

Manager office contacts:

IBRF Company – Besides Milad tower – Shahid Hemmat intersection – Sheikh Fazlullah nuri highway – Tehran

Phone: 021-43690000

Fax: 021-88629120

Alborz Plasma Center:

Plasma Building- north 6th block – west Shiraz street – Shohada South boulevard – fardis fifth falakeh- Alborz Province

Phone: 0263-6548605

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